onsdag 25 april 2012

My first walker for Dust Tactics. There will be more for sure. This was a wonderful piece to paint for several reasons:
1, it comes assembled and primed right out of the box
2, it's an incredibly cool-looking model
3, even though it's pre-assembled, it can be taken apart ( the body comes off the legs and the weapons are interchangeable) for easy access during painting and basing.

Next up is the other walker that came in the Dust Tactics Revised set, the Blackhawk.
Oh, and I should perhaps add that the text on the side is the battle cry of the Panzergrenadiere:

„Dran! Drauf! Drüber!“ bedeutet sinngemäß „Ran an den Feind, drauf auf den Feind, hinweg über den Feind“.

i e towards the enemy, into the enemy position and through the enemy. (better translations gratefully accepted, my school German is 25 years old and a lot rustier than Hans).

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