torsdag 19 april 2012

Dust Tactics Panzeraufklärungslaufer I-C

Or Hans to his friends.
Hans is not finished (he has no weapons, for one thing), this is just a teaser pic to get Laffe to take the plunge into Dust.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Bastard! It looks totally awesome!

    1. And this is my first attempt, brush only, start of the learning curve, never done anything like it before version. I hope to improve vastly as I learn the techniques for this scale and style. Now imagine what you can do with skill, talent and an air brush!

    2. I'm not that good with the airbrush, still learning. But yes, I'm very tempted to get one just to experiment various camoflague on it.

  2. I like that a lot, WWW2 and a bit of sci-fi!