söndag 12 februari 2012

Operation Cerberus- what's in the box?

First purchase for the year is the Operation Cerberus box for Dust Tactics from Fantasy Flight Games. For the benefit of several viewers (Hi, Laffe), I've taken some pics. Nothing newly painted this time, but some cool stuff straight out of the box.

First floor built, with the two character figures on top and the rest of the bits in front:

A Walker and some troops added to illustrate the size. 

Second floor added, more troops in windows.

Third and final floor added, with troops in windows and on the roof. There are two doors included, Only one is used in the base model so I put the second one on ther side for illustration purposes.

From above and behind, showing the cardboard strips that function as inner floors, allowing you to place troops in windows on various floors and still reach into the model to move them around.

All in all a very nice kit, I'll be getting a second box and some GW ruins and that will be me sorted for a bit of FIBUA.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Looking good. Two questions: Does it come with a roof? And is it supposed to be assembled and broken down again, to be able to have different configurations for different scenarios?

  2. 1, nope, no roof as such, just the floors working as roof on the top floor.
    2, yes, it is supposed to be taken apart and stored in the box, and it can be put together in different ways.

  3. I like it, definite potential....