måndag 9 januari 2012

L'Addition - The price of War.

2011 was the first year that I decided to keep track of my war-gaming spending, inspired by the now discontinued Frugal Wargamer blog. I have been using a handy little app for my Android phone called Daily Expense Manager from Appstudioz Technologies to note down my purchases as they happened. Time to look at the bill:

Games: 295 SEK

Minis: 632 SEK

Paint, Terrain and Craft stuff: 599 SEK

Books: 288 SEK

Grand total: 1814 SEK

Not included here are two boxes of 1:72 plastic soldiers bought on vacation (we all know vacation expenses do not count), nor is the Revised Dust Tactics box set I bought with money I got from selling old GW Epic stuff.

All in all a rather cheap year, mostly because the Tax Man realised he had been getting his sums wrong in 2010 and made me cough up the difference during 2011, to the tune of more than ten times the total above. In 2012, I hope he will find out that he got the right for 2011, or even better got them wrong in my favour.

I have already made my first purchase for 2012, a pre-order of Operation Cerberus and the Malifaux Rules Manual at my FLGS.

6 kommentarer:

  1. How much in pounds?
    Sorry for being lazy!

  2. Today, that money would buy me £162 at my local money-changer.

  3. I decided this year to just keep track of what I have made ready for the gaming table. I do not want to track expenses for it least my wife find out. :)

    I may check out that app though. Thanks.

  4. I'm with Chris. I'm interested in what I have done, not how much it cost! Some things are better left unknown...

  5. Chris, my gal collects ball-jointed dolls. Until I start collecting actual, 1:1 tanks, mine will be the cheap hobby in the family. ;-)

  6. I recently found the track-tensioning tool for a Bren Gun carrier on eBay. They wanted 150 quid for it. I shudder to think what a whole carrier would cost.