onsdag 14 mars 2012

WIP for The Guilds group build

Not a completed work this time, but a Work In Progress. My favourite clergyman Mike tempted me (hmm, that sounds so wrong) into taking part in a Group Build themed around Anti Aircraft weapons.

Here are some pics:

As has been commented on The Guild, I clearly went overboard with the weathering and rust. Working parts are rusted in a way they would not be on a gun in use. So, do I repaint the gun to match the crew I'm painting right now or do I find a couple of dead crew members and place them around the base. Ah, the agony of choices.

3 kommentarer:

  1. That does sound wrong, Thomas. On so many levels. That is a lovely model ... So much weathering. Looks dirty deserts and well used.

  2. They are Italians, deep in the desert. There is wine, sun and a good time to be had. Who cares about guns and war.
    That is about to change....

    (Don't change it, looks great!)