torsdag 9 augusti 2018

Back among the living (dead)

It turns out my last post was made in January and it is now August. Well, I do have an excuse. My intestines started acting up again (Crohn's disease for those of you keeping score) and I basically lost the ability to eat solids. Loss of weight, energy and motivation followed by major surgery and recovery that is still ongoing.

All this time was not wasted, however. I have been doing some painting that will be revealed later. I have also been doing a bit of gaming. The new hotness at the Club is What A Tanker from TooFatLardies. Best fun we've had in ages, it's even kicked Zombicide off the top position.

Based on the one game we've had so far, Zombicide will be reclaiming it's position during the winter. Green Horde really is a whole different game using the old familiar mechanics.

All was not bad. Recovery from the surgery started during the most lovely spring I have ever seen and orders from the doctor were "Eat as much as you can and move as much as you're able"

So I did.

After my second game of WaT I knew this was the game I had been waiting for, the one that would allow me to play Girls Und Panzer on the table top. Of course I needed tanks that look the part...

And finally, two clips of local wild life, captured during long walks on warm summer nights.

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