onsdag 3 januari 2018

The Adventures of the Dice Bag Lady in the land of the Vikings – part III

So, how badly did I fall behind in my blogging last year? This badly:

Part 3 in the story of Annie the Dicebag Lady in the land of the Random Internet Vikings.

After a night on an island and a game at the club, Annie was handed over to me for coffee and hammocking. We took the train to Nynäshamn and the first thing Annie noticed was the fact that there are rude words on the kitchen curtains. That set the tone of the visit.

I had promised Annie coffee over an open fire out in the archipelago. Sadly, four weeks of no rain meant that the woods were so dry it would actually be illegal, not just irresponsible, to start a fire so we had to make do with a camping kitchen. The coffee was at least boiled in a proper pot and served in a wooden kåsa.

That night, we went out into the woods and set up camp with hammocks and tarps.

 Yes, it looks like the pot is hanging over the fire but I promise, we did not break the law.

Annie enjoying her first hammock night. As I understand it, there will be plenty more if she has her way. Do they even have trees in Wales?

The view from my hammock towards the fire place.

The view from the fire place towards the hammocks. Mine in the foreground.

While we were camping my better half, who had a cold and could not come, had been asked to keep Baggy away from the dolls as I thought nothing good could come of them getting together. I was right as these pictures of Having Tea And Plotting World Domination will clearly show.

9 kommentarer:

  1. That was long coming :-)
    Good to see that she at least survived until the evening. That last hammock-pic looks a bit disturbing, though, with the hand hanging out. Is she de-spined or just sleepy?

    1. My lawyer says I cannot comment on any despining issues so I'd say she's sleepy.


    1. Right here:
      Lovely people, good service, decent prices.

    2. But... Laffe... there are no Star Wars WWII Moomin... why?

    3. Are you sure? Moomin might be Star Wars characters. And since Star Wars is set in e galaxy far far away a long long time ago, WW2 hasn't happened yet.

    4. Original catch phrase of A New Hope.

  3. Great, now that we have episode three, I can finally get cracking with episode 4, including pikes, an involuntary swim and Dobble. And sending Annie off home.