torsdag 4 januari 2018


Trying out blogging by app.
Edit:Yep, it worked. I can take a picure with my phone and put it straight onto the blog without fiddling around on the computer. Does not look as nice but I can get it up there right away instead of "later" which never happens, as seen by my posting history. I have in fact painted minis between June and now, I have just not gotten down to taking pics, editing pics, writing blog post and so on. Hopefully, this will not be repeated in 2018.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Reading you loud and clear kid!

    What app are you using? I have had a lot of issues with the blogger app crashing and not updating the blog properly.

    1. Blogger v2.1.3.84 on a Samsung S8. I will let you know if I see crashes.

    2. Huh, maybe they have updated it since...

    3. Or I just haven't hit the bugs yet...

  2. Nice to see you active again! Keep it going!