måndag 7 mars 2016

Narrowest win ever! Zombicide games night

On Sunday I got together with Vicky and Icke for a game of Zombicide. I have played about a dozen games of Zombicide using various versions but V and I had only played once before. In that game we were incredibly lucky with the Spawn cards and basically walked through, the poor Zeds never stood a chance. This time, I promised, we would run a bigger game and there would indeed be a challenge.

 We nabbed the first two objectives without much trouble and got tooled up in the process, plenty of SMGs and shotguns. Ned found a rifle and levelled up to an extra die in ranged combat, a lethal combo. We were in good shape, clear firing lanes and good unit cohesion.

 Then things started to go wrong. Josh was going to use his Slippery ability to dodge the last few zombies and catch up with us...but a Walkers Get An Extra Turn card ruined that plan. Now we were five.

We moved at full speed towards the second-to-last objective and managed to grab that. Still sticking together with Wanda taking point we were still doing OK, but at Orange level, zombies were spawning at an alarming rate. It was make or break time. One objective left in a house with 8 rooms. There would be a loooot of zombies. Wanda broke down the door. Spawn cards came up. Fatties spawn in Sewers! Suddenly they were upon us. Fingers crossed, thumbs held and barely breathing we continued drawing cards. Walker extra move! Feeding time! Four of us died in a matter of seconds. Only Wanda was left alive, with a dozen zombies between her and the final Objective.

Icke and me were already swearing and moaning at coming so close to winning when Vicky said "I just gained Slippery, that means I can move out of a zone containing zombies at no extra cost, right? And Wanda moves two squares for each Move action?"
"Yes", we said, "but you still have to stop when you enter a zone containing zombies."
"Well, said Vicky, four actions. Count 'em"

"I move, I stop. I move, I stop. I move Double. I interact with the Objective...and we have won."

And we had indeed won. The goal of the scenario was to grab all Objectives. No need to have more than one survivor.

So, we are still leading the game 2-0. This was not an easy win, that's for sure, but it was a win. Already looking forward to the next game.

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  1. Svar
    1. She is indeed, especially with Slippery. Add a chainsaw to that...

  2. I'm looking forward to our next game with either this version or the Black plague version.

  3. Always fun when it is that close.