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måndag 28 oktober 2013

Simo Häyhä by Baker Company, WIP 1

Simo Häyhä, known to the younger generation as The World's Greatest Camper.

He was the subject of the first figure to come out of the Baker Company Winter War Kickstarter and I have started painting him. Here is what you get. Simo himself, a base, a tree stump and some foliage.

Simo primed, tree stump attached and base primed. The plug on the bottom of the tree did not match the hole in the base very well so I just cut it clean off and superglued it.

Block paint and some high-lights applied. Next up, washes.

It's a really nice figure that can be painted to a nice level easily but that will also reward a really good paint job, not that it will get that from me, I have neither the skill nor the time to go all Dallimore on it.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ah, the first of the mountain of tin and resin coming from Baker Company. Looking forward to this joint project of ours.

  2. I still have mine to wait for, he will come with a rather large pile I think and could land any day now.....