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måndag 22 april 2013

"Not at Salute"-weekend

No, no Salute for me this year either, maybe next year. The weekend was productive, however. Eight minis finished!
First, four French 1940 from Pegasus. These are the first four I've painted from this boxed set, four more are on the paint desk right now. Wonderful figures even if they require a bit of glue and green stuff to fix the joints.

Next, some crew for the Italian AA gun I finished almost a year ago. They have been waiting patiently on the edge of the painting area and finally they have been given some care and attention.

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  1. Svar
    1. Thank you, sir. They would look nicer with more effort, but they will do. In fact, they are part of "Project Icke", my quest to turn my friend Icke into not only a minis gamer but also a painter by showing him what can be done with basic techniques like block painting and washes.

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  3. Hmm, I see two games coming up, France 1940 and LRDG.

    1. You bet! We just need to get your tanks and my infantry on the same table and we're good to go!