fredag 26 april 2013

Minairon tanks, Part 1, building

I have been waiting for someone to do a plastic T-26 for war gaming for quite some time. There are various versions from UM and others out there, but building a company of those would keep me busy until the next ice age or drive me insane.

Enter Minairon Miniatures, a new company from Spain. Last week they released a fast-build T-26 and I ordered two boxes the same day, as well as a box pf Pz I:s. Yesterday they arrived and I have half of them assembled already.
Here are the sprues after the customary washing. There are 2 sprues of one tank each in the T-26 boxes and 3 sprues of one tank each in the Pz I boxes

 Pz I

Cutting the pieces from the sprues was easy, as was cleaning them. The pieces fit together snugly, in fact the entire track assembly on the Pz I went on without glue and stayed on!
Two rounds of gluing and all three models were complete. Only problem I had was finding a rear view of the Pz1 to figure out which way the rectangular end piece goes on, as it has detailing on the outside that is not seen in the instructions on the box. Google and Wikimedia to the rescue!

The first T-26 finished. There is a commander included on each sprue, I used him for the other tank but kept this one closed. Each sprue also has the option of building the twin-turret version, illustrated on the left here. I will probably build the other two tanks I have as that version.

Here is the first Pz 1, built in the same session, while my gal was watching her favourite soap. Let me put it this way: Rederiet episodes are 45 minutes or less. During the two she watched, I built three tanks, made tea and still had time to sort out paints and google pics of winter camo. I would not have finished cutting out the track links of the UM model in that time. 

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