torsdag 24 november 2011

Trees and sandbags

Some more terrain. First a couple of trees. Both WS Tree Armatures, on the left JG Miniatures Bush material, on the right the usual WS stuff.

Second item is a sandbag position. We will be doing an LRDG attack on an Italian airfield for our next big convention game and that will require sandbag positions for MGs and AA guns. Below is my first "proof of concept" build. Fimo clay rolled into a sausage and cut into suitable pieces with a sculpting tool, then stacked on an MDF base and cured in the oven. The oil drum is a greenstuff press-cast.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice sandbags, you'll have to make a bunch

  2. Sir approves? Good, then send me a pic of whatever you want built.

  3. Looking good. Very approvable.

    Now we need ten of them, circular, mounted on CD's would be ideal I think, with AA-guns inside. Get cracking!!!


  4. No can do, sadly, as the clay needs to be baked in the oven and I dare not stick CDs in there at 100 C for half an hour. I do however own a large sheet of MDF and a saw...