söndag 13 februari 2011

"Good enough" PzIV goes to Kharkov

I varnished it, added a crewman from TQD and called it good enough for war.

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  1. Nice! Now you just need some metal on the tools and MG and tracks, and on the edges as paint chips, and your done!


  2. Vad är det för kit förresten? Airfix?

  3. What part of "good enough" did you not get? ;-)
    OK, do I use bright metal like Mithril or dark like Tin Bitz or Boltgun?
    The kit is Hasegawa.

  4. You can use a soft lead pencil and just scrape it along the edges and it will leave a dark metallic finish. Easier and faster than painting. If you use paint, use something like Boltgun metal, the Mithril ones are too bright.

    And yes, I got the part about good enough. It does look good enough, but I would at least do the machine gun and tools, if you don't want to do the edges. They look kinda fake right now.

  5. Yes, tools and MG needs doing, no question about that.