tisdag 18 januari 2011

White Death and Civil War

Two kinds of minis represented today. First is another Reviresco Finn, this time a sniper.

Second, the first American Civil War minis of the year. They are from Baccus and are supposed to represent generic early war Eastern Theatre troops. Their first battle will be Antietam, hopefully sometime this year. They have no flags so far, these will be added as soon as I have sorted out the required regiments, then it's Dunker Church, here we come!

So, total is now +12, and I get to add another score: 6mm troop stands: +5!

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  2. My Baccus figures have really, really thick bases. Yours doesn't seem so thick, or is it just a trick of the camera?

  3. Could yours be the older version? My old GNW have thicker bases than my ACW. Compare the bases of your minis with the bases of Mr Clarkes Colonials, they have the same base thickness as my ACW figs.

  4. Got them second hand, so it's quite possible.