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torsdag 13 augusti 2015

Palm Trees, Viet Minh and a halftrack

A mixed lot today, intended mostly for Indo-China.

First up is a Warlord M3 halftrack. As much of the equipment the French used in the Indo-China war was either WW2 surplus bought cheap or stuff donated by the US, an M3 halftrack fits nicely. Expect to see many more such vehicles this year as Rubicon release their plastic stuff.

 It was a quick paint job, but it will do.

Next, some more Viet Minh. These are actually Viet Cong from The Assault Group so more like the sons of the men who fought the French, but since the local Viet Cong were handed the older weapons in the arsenal as newer Soviet and Chinese weapons became available, they ended up with MAT-49s and PPSh-41s...the very weapons the Viet Minh used. The uniforms might be a bit off, but they are close enough, I think. 
 Also a quick paint job. It is mostly block paint and wash, with Dallimore style high-lighting on the black clothes. Coat d'Arms Asian Flesh and GW Ogryn  Flesh Wash for the skin.

Last up is a set of palm trees from Pegasus Hobbies. These will do double duty for both Indo-China and Africa. They are pretty darned big, just look at that 28mm Perry guy standing below them, but certainly not out of scale for palm trees.

Block paint and wash for ground and trunk. The leaves looked rather good as they were so I did not paint them at all.

For the benefit of Laffe, here they are as they look in the box:

8 kommentarer:

  1. Well done Penguin
    Keep on focused :-)

    1. I try my best. I have books and models lined up for purchase that should keep me going until Christmas at least.

  2. Nice stuff! Did the palm trees come with bases BTW?

  3. Looking good, that.
    Looks like there could actually be a game of DBP in 5 - 10 years time :-)

  4. Really nice M3.I will buy one of these myself after looking at your nice paintjob.Is your halftrack in plastic or resin?Are the Rubicon-models in resin?I also like the palmtrees.I will make my palmtrees myself and I have not figured out how to make my own stems yet.Keep posting.Roliga projekt! :)

    1. Tack för det!
      The M3 is plastic. I think they used to have one in resin but that is OOP. Link to the plastic one above.
      The Rubicon stuff is all plastic. I don't have any of their stuff yet as they have not released anything that fits in my projects, but Laffe talks about one of their other models on his blog.
      Looking at the Pegasus palm trees, I think I will pay for the privilege of not having to sculpt the trunks. It looks like tedious work unless you can find something that already has a suitable structure.