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måndag 15 juni 2015

First Sarissa house and some Paras

I actually have some finished stuff for my Indo-China project!
First, the Sarissa building that I have blogged about earlier. This is the Woven Palm Style building from Sarissas Far East range. I can't say enough good things about their stuff and I will order more soon. One thing to note:I painted the house and the platform separate to be able to reach everywhere. When the time came to glue it together, the floor did not fit on the beams due to the paint. That is how snug the fit is! I fixed this with two minutes work with a file, but next time I will note carefully where the paint should not go.

I also finished the last of the French Paras I got from my Secret Santa. They are Red Star Miniatures and I love them! I will be getting more of these too very soon.

  Just some acrylics from the craft store and some Woodland Scenics flock. Works for me.

Paratroopers with radios and a medic.

3 kommentarer:

  1. nice :-)

    I've put some Red Star figures on my Crisis list ;-)

    1. And if I don't make it there myself, you will be picking up some for me too. If the weather is good next weekend I'll bring them outside and get some close-up shots as I don't have a sufficient light source indoors.

  2. Oh, that house would do well on the Perilous Island.... you should join the Little Wars club and it will se action very soon :-)
    Good work by the way!