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fredag 27 juni 2014

More promo stuff:Pup-Up Terrain!

A Kickstarter that is in its final 48 hours right now so go check it out right away!
This is brilliant. Cardboard 3D terrain that folds up for storage has been done before, but I have never seen it done this well and with such clever mechanics. Just take a look at the video on the front page and you will see what I mean.

I have gone for the PDF version simply because shipping to Sweden will double the cost of buying the ready-printed stuff...and because with a PDF I can print a new piece every time I mess up during construction. Edward Scissorhands I am not.

So, go ahead, pledge $18 and join me in a festival of cardboard and glue sticks this coming Christmas!

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  1. Nice idea and very handy. Like it very much. Maybe this is a good idea to start drawing by yourself too. Printing is not so expensive these days.