torsdag 7 november 2013

A day in the desert with the world's littlest war correspondent

A few weeks ago we did a trial run for our upcoming convention game at FlemCon 2013. To amuse my GF who would be spending the entire day working on an essay, I decided to bring Serah, the World's Littlest War Correspondent along and have her report her day.
This was not Serahs first outing, she joined me at work for the charity event National Odd Socks Day of Adventure for Harrys Fund a while back.

Odd socks for Harry

This time we packed a bunch of Long Range Desert Group vehicles and an AA gun instead of odd socks.

Upon arrival, Serah immediately found a new favourite tank, or rather tankette. 

She was also mightily impressed by the plane Jocke had built.

The battle the commenced. The scenario is an attack on an Italian air field by LRDG vehicles intent on hitting hard and fast before vanishing back into the desert. The LRDG attack from the opposite end of the table and blow their way through the gate.

 Faces have been masked to protect the guilty.
 Hitting the gate. The LRDG slam through, blasting the AT gun and guards with MG fire
 A fierce fire fight breaks out near the gate where Italian MG teams knock out a jeep

 A fuel truck and a bomber go up in smoke after heavy MG fire

 Second bomber meets the same fate

All in all it was a great day out for both me and Serah. I look forward to running this game at FlemCon in December, as well as playing many other games of Chain of Command in the future. Serah looks forward to joining me again as she really enjoyed the strange looks on the faces of the rest of the gaming group.

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  1. You could have masked the bellies of the guilty also :-)
    Yep, a good game it was. Looking forward to more