torsdag 28 mars 2013

LRDG Ford F30 30cwt from Milicast - opening the box

For the benefit of several readers (ok, one reader, Hi Jocke) here is the first pic of the kit, my next in the LRDG project. It is a Ford F30 30cwt LRDG 4x2 Truck with 3A1 Steel Body from Milicast. At £18.50 it is not cheap, but then again, Milicast does not do cheap, they do good.

Looots of pieces I can tell you. Most of it seems to be loose stowage and weapons though, to be used to customise the truck. Not that many pieces are part of the actual vehicle which makes me hopeful of being able to build this into something nice rather than a very expensive wreckage marker.
I also bought two SAS drivers, looking good so far, we'll see how they look once I have them off the sprue. I'm a bit worried as this is my first real resin build project, but "Who Dares Wins" and all that.

Yes they are crap pics, I'll do better when I have time to sit down properly at my desk and use a fixed camera mount.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Looking forward to seeing it built :-)

  2. Hi there! Yes, I am looking forward to this. Been itching to buy that set.
    Very psychedelic background. I'm nauseus already.