lördag 17 december 2011

"My love for you is like a truck.."

Four new vehicles, all bought as a birthday present for myself and readied for the coming Winter War game just after Christmas. These are from Minimi Miniatures , a company I can most wholeheartedly recommend.
First two GAZ 60 half-tracked trucks:

The two GAZ AAA trucks.

Both the 60 and the AAA are absolutely  stunning models and I have in no way done them justice with my painting. I will get more of these, a lot more. I see a long life of service for them, from Raate Road via Summa to Taipale and Viborg, and then from Moscow to Berlin.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Looking good. How common was it for the Soviets to have motor transport in the Winter War?

  2. @The Miniatures man: Blog post now updated with link.

    @Chris:very common at least north of Ladoga where the distances were so great that troops had to be motorised to be effective. Siilasvuo, who commanded the troops at Raate Road gives 237 trucks and 42 tanks captures at three mottis when 44th Division was destroyed and this does not include knocked-out vehicles. Pictures show trucks bumper-to-bumper on the road.